Managers as Practitioners of Decorum

Bobby’s not the only one hanging around in Dallas while the GMs sit up in their hotel suites trying to keep every other GM on hold. The lobby seems to be filled with other managers and the press can’t help but ask about the latest addition to their corps.

Yankee manager Joe Girardi added his voice to the chorus of AL East GMs looking forward to facing Bobby 18 times a year. Spunk aside, he didn’t mention the nature of his hatred toward the Red Sox.

“Bobby’s a guy that knows how to manage and I think he’s going to add a lot,” Girardi said. “Bobby adds some spunk to his clubs, there’s no doubt about it. I didn’t get to witness him first-hand a lot, but Bobby’s been successful wherever he’s went. It should be exciting.”

John Farrell completed the opinions of division opponents, but started the string of managers who had been coaches under Tito throwing their two cents into the discussions. After sloughing off chatter about him having been a prospect for the Red Sox job, he was pretty generic is his statements.

” The Red Sox are always a challenge for anybody, and they’ve got a lot of good players.  We’re going to have to play extremely well to move ahead of them.  Changes take place all over this game, but we know they’re going to be a very tough opponent.”

Brad Mills has been Houston’s manager since leaving the slot as Red Sox bench coach, but by all reports has remained best friends with Tito. Since he’s in the NL Central (at least for this season, no one seem to care so much about his thoughts on Bobby, but were hoping that he had some insight into Tito heading to ESPN.

“Every time I talk to him now I say is this off the record or on the records,” laughed Mills. “I’ve always told him, too, that if he’s on TV he might have to spend two hours in makeup just to be on TV. But you know what, all that aside, you know how much I think of him and how great a job that he did there in Boston.  And he’s going to do a great job with ESPN, as well.  You guys ought to know that even better than I do.  It’s pretty cool.  And I’m thrilled to death for him to be able to do that.”

Dale Sveum was the first runner up for the Red Sox gig, having been their third base coach a few years back. It seems the old Red Sox regime had an even higher opinion of him which is why he would up as the Cubs manager instead.

“I don’t know if it was a surprise or not.  It was basically that time where somebody was going to offer me a job or not offer me a job,” Sveum said. “So the Cubs offered me the job first and that’s kind of where it ended up anyway, after my second interview.  After going through all those second interviews, it was just nice to get one offer.”

Phew. Is there anybody left? Wouldn’t be nice if someone was mean? MLB as WWE would be so much fun.

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